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Minimize rework.

Maximize efficiency.

Complete jobs faster.


Total stations

SPS930 and SPS730

Nothing else comes close. Trimble Universal Total Stations lead the industry in accuracy, range and reliability for fine grading, paving, stockpile scanning and site measurements.

Patented Trimble technology ensures you’re getting the best performance on jobs that require the tightest precision with the fastest update rate available today.

MultiTrack™ technology

Locks on and tracks passive prisms for control measurements, and active prism targets for grade control and paving applications
Prevents costly delays and subsequent rework; faster speed means increased productivity and faster results to grade


Turns the instrument up to 115° per second. Patented high speed Trimble MagDrive technology allows for faster grading closer to the total station
For measurement tasks, MagDrive offers fast pointing, aiming and tracking, plus slow motion controls for manual aiming


Automatically corrects the horizontal and vertical angles and instrument pointing for mislevelment of the instrument
Means your measurements will be accurate, even if you don’t set up the instrument perfectly level

20Hz Update Rate

Fixed, low latency, synchronized data and a 20 Hz update rate
Reliably track a machine target and know the data is being passed from the instrument to the machine as quickly and accurately as possible
The motor grader or dozer operator can conduct real-time fine grading operations to millimeter accuracy while minimizing rework and increasing productivity

3Hz DR Scanning

Super fast scanning capability for vertical / sloping profile measurements and stockpile scans Significantly reduces the time to measure material stockpile volumes or profile rock faces safely